“Public Panting” transforms lifeless vehicles, hardly ever noticed by passers-by, into living creatures: Cars are started with an ignition key and idle merrily with the handbrake on, until the petrol tank runs empty, while the car is locked from outside with a second key. Only after hours and repeated visiting of the location does a personal relationship to the event arise, an impression oscillating between suspicion, empathy, a bad conscience and sheer happiness.





The American group of young performers around Jonathan Nozick and Dora Friedlander would like, for “cologne contemporary”, to showcase a performance as simple as it is striking in its promotional effect: On the occasion of the opening, hundreds of extras employed for the day or the evening should form a queue of visitors, which discreetly renews itself constantly, at the Biennale entrance, and thus imprint on the everyday-iconographic consciousness of the people of Cologne a significant sign for attractiveness, congestion and actuality.