Some artists like Hallgrímur Vilhjálmsson and Richard Anderson are represented on ubuweb.com, a large web-based resource for avant-garde material. There you can find liner notes and some of their works in a complete version.


Hallgrímur Vilhjálmssons Serenade for Six German Sirens "russando" was released at the TU-134-label.


The actual book of Georg Joachim Schmitt, "ingredients", was published by Kenneth Goldsmith, series editor of the /ubu edition publishing the unpublishable in November 2009 as number 050.


Catherine Maddrell's "Mise en Abyme - Photographic Derivatives" was published at 10th of December 2010 at Peperoni Books, Berlin.


Georg Joachim Schmitts "Spelling Letters" was published at www.spellingletters.com.


Tadej Zaics "Merda d'Oro" was published at PogoBooks, Berlin at 10th of November 2011.


The catalogue of Christof Malchen's posthumous exhibition "Expropriating Art" was published by edition guetta in 2013.


Many biennalists are represented by rosenobel fine arts.