Gibral Nadir, the son of a Lebanese father and a British photographer as a mother, works in the field of interventive experimental film. His films are based on a concept of reality, whose instantaneous formation he wants to visualize by filmic and dramaturgical devices.

Apart from his work as a filmmaker, Nadir dedicates himself to film-related academic issues that he deals with in monographs, essays and commented film series and puts up for discussion.



A convoy of several cars goes moves through a German city for one summer day. Each car is unswervingly honking for hours. The beards of the drivers, the little white flags at the antennae, the bride and the flower bouquet on the hood of the first car make the bystander think that this is a Turkish wedding convoy…


Nadir’s films show everyday life, confronted with a dramatization it knows nothing about. The viewer follows from the center of the action – the passenger seat of the individual cars – the seemingly unimpressed traffic.





The long-term film project „backwards“ sends an actor to 10 major European cities. There, he can move about how and where he wants to. On the one condition: he has to move backwards and may not look over his shoulder. Stories taking place by themselves provide the narrative structure for this modern Odyssey of a European Orpheus through continental metropolises. A film concept as well as preparatory work will be presented.





Especially for the „cologne contemporary“ film artist Gibral Nadir has put together a film series of cinematographic rarities which have one thing in common: The radical renouncement of the spoken word, yet without abstaining from the telling of plausible and thrilling stories as well as the inclusion of film sound.